Cors Farlais SSSI Raised Bog

This large quaking bog is actually quite dangerous to walk out on to, but is a lovely example of a very deep peat bog.

Now neglected common land, the bog has become wooded and overgrown, there are only a few farmers still using the rights of the common to graze. Rarely talked about but a significant bog nonetheless, at 6 metres deeps this is one of the deepest peat bogs around and must have taken millennia to form. It gets sightings of Marsh fritilary butterfly, although less so since the bog became more wooded. Other rarities have been sighted up on the bog such as Dromius linearis. And just down the road is the fascinatingly named Pigyn Shon-Nicholas

“Remnant areas of wet pasture have been protected. Cors Farlais is an old glacial pingo, a roughly circular peat-filled hollow with marshy vegetation, and drier dwarf shrub heath on the drier pingo rims.” Wider information about the local geology is available here