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Virtual Easter Experience

Eglwys Llansadwrn church Carmarthenshire Sir Gar


Welcome to the electronic version of the Easter Experience and visit in your imagination the important events in the Easter story. At each point you will find a simple retelling (with a Bible reference) and some visual prompts. You will also find an invitation to interact with the story and reflect upon it at each stage:

  • Hopes and Dreams (Palm Sunday)
  • Servant King (Maundy Thursday)
  • Remember Me (Last Supper)
  • Alone (Garden of Gethsemane)
  • Sharing Our Sorrows (Good Friday)
  • Resurrection (Easter Day)

You might like to start your virtual journey by reading the following prayer by Saint Teresa of Avila:

Christ has no body now on earth but yours:
Yours are the only hands with which he can do his work,
Yours are the only feet with which he can go about the world,
Yours are the only eyes through which his compassion
can shine forth upon a troubled world.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.

The Story of Easter retold for children and families

Easter is a very special time of year. It is when Christians remember what happened to Jesus before he died and what happened afterwards.

On Palm Sunday Jesus and his friends made their way to the great city of Jerusalem. They were going there to celebrate Passover. At Passover, even today, the Jewish people remember how God set them free when they were slaves in Egypt.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a young donkey, the ordinary people went wild. They threw their cloaks into the road to make a royal pathway for Jesus; they waved palm branches to welcome him and shouted: ‘God bless the king who comes in the name of the Lord.’

But some of their leaders weren’t so happy. ‘This Jesus is a troublemaker,’ they said. ‘We need a plan to get rid of him.’

Jesus and his friends got everything ready for the Passover meal. When they were all together, Jesus took a bowl of water and a towel. Then he knelt down and washed his disciples’ feet. Then he dried them.

‘Why are you doing this?’ one of them asked.
‘I am being your servant,’ said Jesus. ‘I want you to serve one other, just as I am serving you.’

Then Jesus broke some bread. He gave each one of them a piece and said: ‘When you eat bread like this, I want you to remember me.’

Then he poured out some wine, and said: ‘When you drink wine like this, I want you to remember me.’
Then they all sang the special Passover hymn. And they went out to a garden called Gethsemane where olive trees grew. It was a place they knew well and it was very peaceful there. Jesus told his friends to keep watch while he went away by himself to pray.

During the night soldiers came to arrest him. They took him for questioning to the Temple leaders. People came and told lies about him. They said that he deserved to die. Some of them made fun of Jesus.

Next day, Friday, he was taken to the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate. Pilate knew that Jesus was a good man but he gave in to the crowds who wanted Jesus to be put to death. So the soldiers took him away and nailed him to a cross.

When Jesus died, a friend took his body to a beautiful garden, and laid him in a tomb cut out of the rock.

The next day was Saturday, when nobody was allowed to do any work. So it was Sunday before some of Jesus’ women friends came with special oils and spices for his body. But when they got to the tomb, the tomb was empty.

An angel told them that Jesus wasn’t there; he was alive.

Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead at Easter and is still alive today. That is why Easter is such a happy time.

HOPES AND DREAMS (stones to hold; a pathway strewn with palms leading to a simple wooden cross)

When Jesus came into the great city of Jerusalem, the crowds were excited and restless. Many had heard of Jesus’s teaching and miracles. They longed for a leader who would help them drive the Romans from their land so that they could live in peace and prosperity. As Jesus rode through the city gates on a young donkey the people cheered and praised God: ‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.’ As people threw their cloaks and palm leaves onto the ground to pave the way for Jesus, their hearts were full of hope. Some of the religious leaders grumbled at Jesus but he told them that even if the crowds were silent, the very stones would cry out.
(Matthew 21.1-10)

Part of being human is to hope, and to dream. Some of our hopes and dreams are personal, but others are more public. At the time of Jesus, Palestine was ruled by the Romans. The people dreamed of overthrowing their Roman conquerors. They were hoping for a Messiah, a leader who would set them free.

In your imagination . . .

Choose a stone and hold it in your hand. Let it represent the hope or dream you hold most dear. Then take it and place it with the other stones by the cross at the end of the road.

SERVANT KING (a pitcher and a bowl of water, towels and cushions)

Jesus took off his outer clothing and wrapped a towel around his waist. After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel . . . When he had finished, he put on his outer clothes and returned to his place. ‘Do you understand what I have done for you?’ he asked them. ‘You call me “teacher and Lord”, and rightly so, for that is what I am. Now that I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you should also wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.’

(John 13.3-5, 12-15)

Jesus lived in a hot, dry land. Most people travelled from place to place on foot. It was the custom to welcome visitors by washing their feet in cool, clean water. Normally a household servant did this.

Think about . . .

how God might be calling you to serve others

In your imagination . . .

Ask God to help you serve others in a special way this Easter. Now dip your fingers into the water and make the sign of the cross on the palm of each hand.

REMEMBER ME (a table, a candle, some bread, some wine)

On the night before he died Jesus had supper with his friends. He took some bread. He thanked God for it and broke it. Jesus gave the bread to each of his disciples and said: ‘Take, eat, this is my body which is given for you. Do this to remember me.’

(Matthew 26.26)

Most of us have objects we treasure which help us to remember important times in our lives. When Christians meet together, we often share bread and wine to remember the last meal that Jesus had with his friends before he died.

In your imagination . . .

Please sit and light a candle. Now imagine Jesus blessing the loaf and giving you a piece of it. Imagine him blessing the cup of wine and giving it to you to drink. Think of the love Jesus had for his friends and for the world.

ALONE (green plants, holding crosses*, a tray of sand)

I have called you by name, you are mine.

(Isaiah 43.1)

I have loved you with an everlasting love.

(Jeremiah 31.3a)

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
(John 14.27)

Jesus knew that soon the soldiers would come to arrest him, and he would be sentenced to death. He went with his friends to a garden called Gethsemane. There he asked them to keep watch for him while he prayed to God for help. But his friends were tired and they fell asleep. In the darkness Jesus felt very alone. Even so, he trusted himself to God’s care.

In your imagination . . .

Take one of the holding crosses and hold it in your hand. Think of a time when you were lonely or afraid. Now re-read the verses from the Bible, then place the cross gently in the tray of sand.

*Holding crosses are usually made of olive wood in the Holy Land. They are shaped to fit into the palm of your hand and give great comfort in times of stress.
SHARING OUR SORROWS (large cross draped with red ribbons streaming down, small crosses each with a different group to pray for: for, such as NHS staff and Coronavirus patients)

Soldiers led Jesus outside the walls of Jerusalem to Golgotha, the place of the skull. A crown of thorns had been placed on his head. The soldiers nailed him to the cross and fastened a notice to it: ‘Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews’. While they waited for Jesus to die, the soldiers cast dice to see which of them would have Jesus’s robe for themselves. When he became thirsty, the soldiers offered him a sponge soaked in vinegar.

At three o’clock Jesus died.

(Matthew 27.27-50)

The Cross reminds Christians of the death of Jesus, but because he rose again it has become a sign of hope for anyone who is suffering.

In your imagination . . .

Please say a prayer for someone who is suffering today. Either imagine taking hold of one of the ribbons on the Cross and ask God to help the person you have chosen, or take one of the small crosses and pray for the person or situation on the label. You don’t need to use many words, just: ‘Dear God, please help . . .’

RESURRECTION (pop-up tent veiled, white sheets and cloths inside)

After the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene and two other women set out at dawn to visit the tomb where Jesus had been laid. As they reached the entrance, they were startled by the dazzling figure of an angel. The angel said, ‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here. He has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.’

(Mark 16.1-6)

Like the women, Christians look into the empty tomb to remember that the son of God was crucified, but, after three days, rose from the dead. We believe that this is the greatest miracle the world has ever known. It is why churches often create an empty tomb or make an Easter garden. It is why we celebrate Easter.

Think about:

how the women felt when they heard the angel’s words
what God might be saying to you today.

In your imagination . . .

Choose one word to describe the miracle of the empty tomb. Treasure the word in your heart this Easter.

Repurposing empty buildings

We have been asked to compile a list of properties in Carmarthenshire which are currently not in use and empty, this to include industrial units, community halls and offices. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that we have a full catalogue of facilities so that we can respond appropriately if future need arises.

At this stage all we are doing is establishing a schedule of such properties and it would much appreciated if this information could be provided by return if at all possible.

Please respond to Peter Edwards, Valuations Manager, through

Thank you in anticipation of your assistance in relation to the enquiry.

Community Support Information -Covid 19

Meal Delivery, Shopping, Medication collection, general support during COVID 19 outbreak



Rwyth Cabs currently operate 20 Licensed Taxis including 1-8 Seaters.There are 10 Drivers who are registered with the Local Authority and who have Full DBS Certification. There is Disability access. The company are based in and operate 15 miles from Pontyates Nr Llanelli SA15 STB. Can assist with collection of goods medical supplies and other, in addition to the conveyance of persons etc this list is not exhaustive. A 24/7 Service can be offered.

Any queries please call 01267 468250 07791 085096/07905 462519, Jamie, Tracey, or Martin
Watkins Grocery, 10 Heol Y Neuadd, Tumble , 01269 832856, meal delivery and grocery deliveries, Ty Dyffryn delivery every Monday at 2.30pm, Thursday at 3.30pm. VERIFIED

Pixeys Place , 66 Cwmamman Road, takeaway Sunday dinner, it is Free delivery for up to 3 miles and then up to 5 miles £1.00 and up to 10 mile £2.00. Delivering from 12.00 – 3.00pm and large menu (available on Facebook). £5.99 for adult £6.99 inc dessert, XL dinner £8.99 inc dessert, OAP rate £4.99 inc dessert. Call 07591841147.

The Y Farchnad Fach Ltd, 4 Bethesda Rd, Tumble,Llanelli,Dyfed,SA14 6HY, Tel: 01269 844555, they deliver to quite a large area groceries and fuel (gas and coal) and also do a hot meal delivery service. Shop in Capel Hendre also Please phone for further details. VERIFIED

Canolfan Maerdy, New Rd, Tairgwaith, Ammanford SA18 1UP, 01269 826893 Community food Hub and centre, Community Car, Canolfan Maerdy can provide online access for CAB advice and essential services. Open weekdays, The Food Hub is open 10.30 to 3pm and has some still has food available today, with further food incoming daily
– There is access to computers for those needing to go online
– The Community Car is still operating for those that need it. VERIFIED

Y Cwtsh café in Penygroes is offering a meals on wheels service. They can be contacted on 07933305707. Meals can be delivered locally i.e. Penygroes, Capel Hendre, Tycroes, Llandybie, Blaenau, Cross Hands. Patients who are self-isolating can have meals left on the doorstep if needed. VERIFIED
They are also looking for volunteer drivers – so that they are able to cope with increasing demand. If anyone can spare a bit of time please ask them to contact the number above.

Y Cwtch café, Pontyberem do a local meal delivery service for elderly. After school Club. They can be contacted on 01269 871300. VERIFIED
The Smiths Arms, Heol Y Foel, Foelgastell, Cross Hands, Llanelli SA14 7EL, 01269 842213, offering meal deliveries, 12.00-3.00pm and 5.30 – 8.00pm VERIFIED

Bwyd Y Cwm Pontyates RFC, 01269 860444, for over 65’s takeaway roast dinner Wednesday evenings delivered 3 mile radius available from 4.00pm VERIFIED

J J’s Fish Bar, Glanaman, Ammanford SA18 1DJ, 01269 267637, delivery 9.00am – 2.00pm, also offering deliveries of groceries from local supermarkets. VERIFIED

Blas o’r Dyffryn, Ty Dyffyn restaurant, contact Ben 01269 596648, or 01269 590097, meal deliveries to residents of Ty Dyffyn and surrounding area. VERIFIED

Valans, 29 High St, Llandybïe, Ammanford SA18 3HX, 01269 851288, Takeaway and home deliveries VERIFIED

Hendy Pharmacy, 01792 881234, Home deliveries of prescriptions and goods to the local area VERIFIED

Mountain Gate, 01269 596274, Take away meals and home deliveries VERIFIED

Tycroes Supermarket, 01269 594464, Home deliveries VERIFIED

The Red Kite, 89 Pontamman Rd, Ammanford SA18 2JD, 01269 597177, delivery Garnant , Brynamman, Ammanford, LEFT MESSAGE

Tycroes Supermarket, 01269 594464, 17 Ammanford Rd, Tycroes, Ammanford SA18 3QJ Home deliveries or groceries. 7.00am – 9.00pm

Day Today, 6 Church Street, Llandybie

General grocery stores, Local deliveries available, call Jason, 01269853807

JRG Williams Pharmacy 31 High Street Llandybie SA18 3HX

Chemist, local deliveries available, 01269 850302

SPAR 25 High Street SA18 3HX

General grocery store can deliver for regular customers, will also assist any customer requiring help when shopping packing and assistance to car etc.
01269 850211

Cig y Cennen, Dai Watkins 5 High St, Llandybie, Ammanford SA18 3HX
Butchers, vegetables, takeaway goods, pies and pasties, dairy goods, xmas club.
Friday local deliveries, 01269 850814

Freshbite, The Arcade, Ammanford SA18 2LN
Takeaway and sandwich bar, jackets, baguettes, daily specials eg cheese and potato pie, Over £10 order will deliver locally.01269 596648

Co Op, College St, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire SA18 3AB
General grocery stores, free home delivery of goods purchased in store, over £25.
No local delivery from phone call as yet waiting on response from Co op customer service, 01269 591533

Sunday Carvery from Amman Centre, Margaret Street, every Sunday starting May 4th from 12.30 – 2.30pm home delivery possible in Ammanford town area, £7.95 per person call 01269 598705 to order. Eat in at the centre 12.00 sitting and 2.00 sitting £6.95 per person booking needed, 01269 598705
Trimsaran Leisure Centre Cafe can make up frozen meals for individuals in the village who have to self-isolate. If they just ring the Centre on 01554 810155 to order. 9.00am – 5.00pm Mon – Fri VERIFIED


The Angel Public House, Salem, Llandeilo SA19 7LY, Are now doing takeaway meals and hoping to set up pop up shop, Wednesday to Sunday, contact if you want anything they will try and provide. Nolenne 01558 822982
‘La Patisserie’ in Llandovery is offering anyone who needs help they can delivery fresh bread, milk, cheese, eggs etc. They can also provide lunch or tea on the day if someone needs it  – 07947899126
Stavin Mavins- 26 Lammas St, Carmarthen SA31 3AL, 01267 231144, deliver cooked meals and snacks, will deliver to elderly in Carmarthen out of hours 7.45 – 3.45pm. VERIFIED
Black Ox- 44 High St, Abergwili, Carmarthen SA31 2JB, 01267 237370, meal deliveries,el;derly and anyone in difficulty who are self-isolating, Wed 4.00pm – Sun 4.00pm. VERIFIED
The Dovers- 106 Lammas St, Carmarthen SA31 3AP, call Bobby 01267 237667, 07966588365, meal deliveries, to anyone Carmarthen town possible surrounding areas, all week, 9.00am onwards, breakfast, lunch and dinner available. VERFIED
Dovers Arms Hotel, B&B, discount prices with breakfast, have 11 bedrooms all on suite so ideal for self isolation, potentially 19 beds available for anyone needing to self-isolate that maybe away from home or , contact Claudia or Emma.VERIFIED
Fruits of Eden, Market precinct, fruit and veg, eggs, honey, pickles, delivery Carmarthen and surrounding areas phone line will be open until 10pm. For delivery on Thursdays.
Please ring, voicemail or leave a text message with your order before 10pm tonight, 07917114222. Payments can be taken by contactless if desired but if you absolutely need no contact we can take payment over the phone just before drop off and then drop to your door.2hr delivery slot for Thursday’s delivery. VERIFIED
The Pit Stop- Marsh Rd, Pendine, Carmarthen SA33 4NY, If you’re over 70 or vulnerable & wish to distance yourself from risk we are happy to take grocery orders & payments over the phone & deliver the goods to your doorstep later in the day.We can cover Brook, Llanmiloe, Pendine, Marros, Tavernspite, Llanddowror, Llanteg etc with ease. Phone orders through on 01994 453553 9am – 6.30pm. VERIFIED
Burns Parc y Boc, 01554 890482, delivering groceries to elderly and vulnerable in Kidwelly community from local stores.
Rogers & Son Butchers, 19-20 Lammas St, Carmarthen SA31 3AL, 01267 238736, non-contact home delivery, pay over the phone and a drive through for a period of time. VERIFIED
What’s cooking @ No14 –14 St John Street. Whitland. Carmarthenshire. SA34 0AN, Have all meals available to be picked up from the cafe ready to take re- heat or freeze at home. Full menu available £5.00 for two course meal. Can deliver radius 5 mile. Taking bulk orders, please call if you are outside this remit they will be willing to consider anything to support. 01994 241776, contact 9.00am – 2.00pm. VERIFIED
The Lunch Box- High St, Llandysul SA44 4DG, 01559 362345 WAITING CONTACT
The Llwyndafydd Inn- Saron, Llandysul SA44 5DR, 01559 371048, delivery’s or takeaways meals, contact for more details. 5.00pm – 10.00pm,12.00 – 10.00pm Sundays closed Mon and Tues VERIFIED
Ginhaus Deli- Market St, Llandeilo SA19 6AH, 01558 823030, delivery to Llandeilo, hot meals, and basic essentials, can grab basic medication if needed. 8.00am 0 5.00pm closed Sundays. VERIFIED
Old Market Square Delicatessen , 6 Notts Square, Carmarthen SA31 1PG, 01267 236175, delivery service of bread milk eggs , light bites, up to 10-15 miles, 9.00-4.00 Mon – Sat. VERIFIED,
Goose & Cuckoo, Queens Square, Llangadog SA19 9EE, 01550 777359, delivery of frozen based meals, if needed can do shopping, 9.00 – 12.00pm to get order for that day, but available to call outside these hours. VERIFIED
Pendine Chapel & surrounding areas- Pastor Haydn 01994 452 597- Offering collection of shopping, pensions, prescription or a chat of support Llanmiloe and Pendine , contact in normal day time but can respond in emergency at anytime. VERIFIED
Teresa Walters, volunteering service in Llanybydder and nearby via a facebook page (please search for Llanybydder Community Support and volunteer if you live near  or ask those who need support to message) to carry out deliveries/make phone calls to any isolated or self-isolating individuals.  We’re not vetting, just putting people together who will already know each other.

Seaside Café,  53 Caroline St, Llanelli SA15 2PB,  01554 774483, Drop off food station donations welcome for distribution to the elderly and vulnerable in the community. Mon – Sat 8.00am – 2.00pm Seaside Cafe, and Seaside AFC along with Cllr Sean Rees have teamed up with Llanelli Surplus Food (CETMA) to collect and distribute food. Drop off points are:
Seaside Cafe (Seaside AFC helping out with storage.)
Open Monday-Saturday (8am – 2pm)
Llanelli Surplus Food are looking for volunteers. They distribute surplus food donated by businesses to disadvantaged people throughout the Llanelli area. Telephone: 01554 772056 Email:
CETMA Surplus Food Distribution Centre and offices in Marsh St.
Open Monday – Friday (10am – 5pm)
Lifeshare – food and clothes bank have seen a recent downturn in donations. They have a list of most needed items on their Facebook page, and can also accept online financial donations. They also have a donation trolley in Asda, and take in donations 12-2pm Tuesday and Thursday at the Antioch Centre on Copperworks Road. Telephone: 01554 741674
4×4 Response South Wales have a team of volunteer responders able to assist with tasks such as picking up medication or urgent supplies. Contactable 24hrs a day, 7 days a week telephone – 02921 281 821
email –
The White Lion, Park View, Llanelli SA14 8BH, 01554 776644, delivery service of hot meals, 9.00- 8.00pm Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 5.00pm Sunday. VERIFIED
ELLI WARD AND NEED HELP? The ward covers from Furnace Bridge in the north, Queen Victoria Road in the south, Old Road/Market Street in the east and … If any resident needs any assistance with any issue please get in touch. Leaflets being printed shortly for door-to-door delivery with emergency contact details for supermarket and shopping volunteer, medical/medication, hot meal delivery and Council details. Contact details, 01554 749649, 07734 867588, VERIFIED
Stevie bee nurseries Pwll
Sacks of potatoes 20 kg and 25 kg carrots parsnips Swedes cabbage cauliflowers leeks onions beetroot small bags of potatoes open 10 till 4 Monday to Friday or call Steve on 07866847677 free delivery for the elderly Llanelli Burry Port. VERIFIED

Tyisha Food Bank , Tyisha Councillors are here to help. If you don’t have food, either phone or private message us. If you are able to collect we will get a food parcel ready or we can deliver in emergencies. Let’s all stay safe but remember to help each other if we can Contact Cllr Suzy Curry 0756 156 456 Contact Cllr Andre McPherson 07583 525635. VERIFIED

Llangennech Community Centre, elderly people within Llangennech, support with Prescription collection, basic provisions etc. My name is Alan (assistant caretaker in the community centre) My number is 07976612627, Available most times if not available will call back. VERIFIED

Coop Llangennech, Afon Rd, Llangennech, Llanelli SA14 8TS, 01554 820202 offering shopping and delivery via local volunteers.VERIFIED

Pontyberem Community Council, 18 Coalbrook Rd, Pontyberem, Llanelli SA15 5HU, 07415355659 , Eryl Pelow Community council offering help with shopping, goods delivery, emotional support etc, has list of volunteers to help. Pontyberem and Bancfosfelin, Pontyates, contact anytime. VERIFIED

Post Office and Stores Fforest, Pontardulais, We would like to take this opportunity to tell all our loyal elderly customers without family or able friends, that should the need to self-isolate become necessary, please don’t feel lonely we are happy to deliver essential goods to you, got a good band of volunteers ready to deliver, 01792 882378, 7.30 am – 6.00pm. VERIFIED
John’s Fish and Chip shop Llanelli 01554 774075 Offering a delivery service to everyone, OAP special and free delivery for the elderly. Times of delivery 11am till 2.30pm – 4.30 till 10 pm. VERIFIED

Bird in Hand Fforest, 24 Carmarthen Rd, Fforest, Swansea SA4 0TU, 01792 828282, Takeaway meals and home deliveries.

Nannies Kitchen, 01792 883861, 42 Bryngwili Rd, Hendy, Swansea SA4 0XA, Takeaway and home delivery or hot meals. 8.00am – 3.00pm

Community Café Hendy, 07824999332, Hendy Library, Iscoed Road, SA4 0UP, Takeaway and home deliveries. 8.0am – 6.00pm.

Family Shopper, Pontardulais, Swansea SA4 8SZ, 0739 2061936, Home deliveries groceries. 7.00am – 10.00pm.

Richie’s Meats, Felinfoel (Butcher). Farmers Row, Felinfoel, Llanelli SA14 8LA, Can take orders over the phone 01554 774695 and will deliver within Llanelli and surrounding areas.  Payment can be taken over the phone. 9.00am-5.00pm  VERIFIED
Sewards Fruit & Veg Market stall, Llanelli, Fruit Can take orders over the phone 01554 757819 and will deliver.

Goldies Cymru we want to try and do everything we can to help people feel connected, and continue to brighten up the day with a Goldies Mini Sing & Smile session once a week through our Facebook page.  We want to encourage everyone who can to tune in, join in, sing-a-long.  Many of our ageing community are now on Facebook and we hope to reach as many people as possible.

Every week we will have either a pre-recorded Mini session or a LIVE session, as well as other posts throughout the coming weeks to engage with those that are lonely and isolated.  We hope that people will join in with us, send in requests, comment and share our posts and videos to help keep the Goldies and wider community feel connected at this time.

Carmarthen Food, online food from local producers for collection and in some cases delivery, see website for current information, products from bread, eggs, meat, soaps, fish and seafood, veg and fruit, flour, honey and jams and much more all from local people


Age Cymru Sir Gar:
Information, Advice & a Listening Ear. What we don’t know, we’ll try our best to find out for you, keeping you connected with your community.

Carmarthenshire Covid-19 support group

Carmarthenshire West & South Pembrokeshire Covid 19 Support Group

Pembrokeshire COVID-19 Support Network

Pembrokeshire Covid-19 Action & Support Group

Lampeter Corona Virus Support Group COVID 19

Ceredigion Covd 19 Support Group

Laugharne Township Community Council volunteer plan

Pontyberem Community Council are arranging home deliveries for those Self isolating. 01269 871075

Pontyberem Community Park Association: Offering free meals on week days for children.

LLanybydder Community Suppport

Corona virus Llanelli support Page

Connect 2 Kindness, community information shared from FaceBook.

Amman Valley support for Corona virus, sharing information and support offers