Author: Lyndsey Maiden

Update on Vicar Vi, Vestry Venture and Church

Eglwys Llansadwrn church Carmarthenshire Sir Gar

It is a great relief and with delight to hear Vicar Viv is progressing quietly on the road to recovery after her nine month battle with long covid.  She hopes to make a gently phased return to work, guided by Occupational Health.

Meantime, services continue on a fortnightly basis, Holy Communion alternated with a half hour service of Morning Prayer.  Times vary according to availability of clergy, so please look out for notices on the church gates, a few days beforehand

Meantime Vestry Venture will be re-starting on Tuesday 14th September, 2.30pm – 5.00pm. 

All ages are most welcome, be it just to dip in for a ten minute link up, an hour’s chat or simply to say hello over a cuppa. If you know of someone new to the area who might value a chance to meet others living locally, please invite them along.

For further details of either of the above, please contact  Jane  on 01550 777302,  or via e-mail

DCMS Project Funding Secured

Thank you for your incredible patience over the past few months whilst we undertook design and planning work for your project area, followed by the subsequent submission to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) for funding approval.

We’re thrilled to announce that after much dialogue with DCMS we have received final funding approval and sign off for Llanwrda & Llandovery. 🎉🎉🎉

What happens now?

We wish we could say immediate connection, but alas what happens now is the actual hard work involved in connecting you with awesome gigabit full fibre ⛏️.

🚛 Mobilisation

Funding confirmed means we’re now able to ramp up our local mobilisation and so you will begin to see more lovely folk from our sister companies, full fibre network builder ‘Telcom Infrastructure’ and civil engineering company ‘Pioneer Utilities’, over the coming weeks.

🎫 Gigabit Vouchers

As mentioned the whole project is only made possible by accessing grant funding in the shape of Rural Gigabit Vouchers, a scheme run by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. If you have already signed up by applying for a grant then the time has come to receive your long awaited voucher. In the next few weeks you should receive an email from DCMS asking you to approve your voucher, so please do look out for this and confirm your voucher request as directed in the email.

If you haven’t yet applied for your voucher simply head over complete our short form to lock in your grant funding today!

Red Telephone Kiosk, Llansadwrn

Llansadwrn Community Council adopted the telephone kiosk in Llansadwrn several years ago.  A request has been brought to the Council that the kiosk should be used by the community.

Anyone with a suggestion to send the information to the Clerk, or if not complete this form and give it to one of the Community Councillors.

EU Settlement Scheme application deadline (30-June)

We are contacting you on behalf of the charity Settled, to make you aware about the 30 June deadline for applications to the EU Settlement Scheme.  This email provides information about the scheme. 

We would appreciate if you could forward this email to your councillors as they may well know people who may be affected.  You may also wish to post some of the information provided on your community Facebook page if you have one.

The EU Settlement Scheme which was set up under the terms of the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, applies to citizens of the EU and EFTA who came to the UK before the end of the Brexit Transition period at the end of December 2020.  Similar arrangements apply for UK citizens who are living and working in continental Europe.  

The EU and EFTA residents in the UK who are affected by this need to apply if they wish to retain their rights to live, work and study in the UK.  Some people are not aware that this applies to them, including even some elderly veterans of World War II who came to the UK long before the UK joined the EU.  In addition, the children of some more recent arrivals, who have obtained rights to live and work in the UK, need to have individual applications made on their behalf in order to ensure that they will be able to access healthcare and education in the future.

 A short video (3-4 minutes long) providing an overview of the EU Settlement Scheme and some of the issues involved is available on YouTube using the links provided below:

Digital copies of posters providing information about the scheme can be downloaded by clicking on the images below or the links provided below them.  These can be printed out for display on community noticeboards.