Author: Lyndsey Maiden

Llanwrda WeFibre Project Introduction

This email has come in from WeFibre – we urgently need a few more people to sign up to get onto the trial. This will provide future proofed internet access for the community in the future.

What is currently on offer from other providers is a pittance in comparison and as we all work from home more and potentially school from home more we are going to need what WeFibre offer.

This email has recently come in and is encouraging us to sign up a further 41 houses

Welcome to your community project!

Community Project Name: Llanwrda
Community Project Code: SW26

We committed to put everyone who has expressed interest into a community project area and this email is an introduction to your project area, and what you can do to take your project area forward.📌

Geographic Area

We’ve created your project footprint based upon the following factors:

Addressable market or rather how many properties are within the project area. Over 96% of projects are made up of more than 300 properties with some as high as 1000 properties.

Distance from intended cabinet location. In each project we have a limit of 17km on the total distance from the intended cabinet location to your property. The distances are based upon following roads and not calculated on straight lines.

Location of Openreach Exchange. We will be tapping into exchanges in order to connect you upstream to the internet and so have based each project on it’s access to an exchange.
✋ Current interest

To date we have received the following level of interest from your project community: 🗳️ 59 signups

The threshold we need to meet for your project is 100 signups and so we need your help with spreading the word to your neighbours and wider community in order to help us achieve this target.
🦸 How you can help speed things up

Each project we undertake is always community driven and so we always require at least 3 WeFibre heroes.

A WeFibre hero can help in many ways:

📢 The community champion
Are you the man or woman about town? Do you find yourself not being able to walk 100 metres before bumping into someone you know? You could be just the person we’re looking for! Each project requires at least one community champion, the purpose of the community champion is simple – We need as many people to reserve a voucher as possible in order to make your project viable so we need a community champion to spread the word about WeFibre.

🛫 The enabler
Every build needs a starting point, a place where all the fibre goes back to and the magic happens. For each network build, we need a small area (approx 120cm x 50cm) to install an outdoor cabinet, a bit like the green ones you see on the streets. It’s very unobtrusive, but will require some temporary power whilst we get the cabinet hooked up to the mains and we will need access to it once in a while. If you have a bit of unused land that could be suitable, you could enable this whole project. We will follow up with a separate email on the approximate area where we need the cabinet to be located.

🏡 The host
We’re rolling this out in areas all over the country and so storing equipment and materials out our central base in Manchester doesn’t always make logistical sense. We therefore require a bit of land (ideally 2,000 sq ft or more) to call home for a few weeks. We’re not pescious how it looks and we’re very tidy tenants and always clear up after ourselves. We would need to place a shipping container on this land temporarily so as to secure materials and plant whilst we roll out services in your community.

A little thank you for your help

Anyone who steps up to be a WeFibre hero (cape optional) will receive free internet for 3 years as a thank you for your support. To qualify for free internet as a community champion you will need to have referred at least 20 people to WeFibre.

Do I need to do anything?

This whole project is only made possible by accessing grant funding in the shape of Rural Gigabit Vouchers, a scheme run by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. If you have already applied for a grant on the WeFibre website, then that’s it for now, you can sit back, put on the kettle ☕ and let us do all the hard work involved in bringing the goodness of WeFibre to your door.

If you haven’t yet applied for your voucher simply head over to and complete our short form to lock in your grant funding today!

Facebook phishing scam – Dyfed Police update

 If you receive a Facebook Message asking “is that you”? Do not click on the link Do not enter your Facebook User ID and Password! 

 How to protect yourself against phishers 

 Use unique and complex passwords for all of your online accounts. Password managers help you generate strong passwords and notify you when you reuse old passwords. 

 Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) where possible. 

 Beware of any messages sent to you, even from your Facebook contacts. Phishing attacks will usually employ some type of social engineering to lure you into clicking malicious links or downloading infected files. 

 Watch out for any suspicious activity on your Facebook or other online accounts. 

Urgent update about Village Broadband

A message from WeFibre (Telecom) 

If you missed the deadline to sign up to broadband you now have a new opportunity to register interest directly with WeFibre ( This is not binding in any way as a commitment to a contract but will assist them in understanding the likely audience in the village. This opportunity will close again on the 15th February. 

To keep you informed this is the email received by the community coordinators:

Thank you for your interest in WeFibre and for your vote as a part of the Broadband Upgrade Fund.

We know you had a choice of suppliers as a part of the Broadband Upgrade Fund and so don’t take the responsibility lightly.

We’ve been truly blown away by the level of interest we’ve received as a supplier on the Broadband Upgrade Fund and are very grateful to have your support. Each vote we received in an area helps to build support for that area so please know your vote really does matter and count.

We’re incredibly excited to have the potential opportunity to serve you and ensure you benefit from what most take for granted these days, digital inclusion.

WeFibre was established to help close the digital divide which is why our mission is simply “to do the right thing for the UK by ensuring everyone has the access they need and deserve”.

Now all the votes are in, we’re working through each vote in order to understand where the clusters of interest are and how we can allocate clusters of votes into projects that will eventually be put forward to DCMS for funding.

📅 Next steps:

Monday 8th of February 🏘️ Complete grouping of votes into projects by region.

Tuesday 9th of February📣 We will be sending out the next update to confirm that all projects have been allocated.

Monday 15th of February📜 We will be confirming what your project will be and providing you with community action pack outlining a step by step guide from there until final connection. As a part of the project allocation stage we will do our best to create groups of votes large enough to ensure they meet the mobilisation threshold however if the geographic spread is too large then we may need to set a minimum signup threshold for your area that will mean more support from the community is needed in order to trigger mobilisation.

Our commitment is we will put every single vote into a project in order to give every community no matter where you are based the opportunity to generate additional interest even if initial levels received by the Broadband Upgrade Fund are low.

Please continue to be patient with us whilst we complete this important planning stage. There will be an opportunity to engage in dialogue concerning your community project after the 15th of February, once each community project has been formed.

If you know of anyone else who is interested in participating and would like to engage with us prior to the 15th of February, please direct them to and have them submit interest.

Thank you once again for your support and interest. We look forward to working with you to connect the unconnected.

Shaun GibsonWeFibre

Emergency Road Closure

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 

As amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions Act) 1991

Map of road
Map of closed road and alternative route

Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic

Carmarthenshire County Council hereby gives notice that from 4th day of February, 2021, no person shall cause any vehicle to proceed along that length of road known as the U4223, Llansadwrn, Llanwrda from a point 355 metres east of its junction with the C2161, for a total distance of ¾ mile in an easterly direction.

The closure is necessary for Carmarthenshire County Council to carry out urgent flood damage repair works.

The alternative route for east bound traffic will be to proceed in a westerly direction along the U4223, passing Fountain House and The Old Vicarage to its junction with the C2161.  At the junction, turn right and continue in a northerly to north-easterly  direction along the C2161, passing Brynhyfryd, Capel Seion, Y Wern and Llys Newydd to its junction with the A482.  At the junction, turn right and continue in south-easterly direction along the A482, passing Felin Bishop, Cawrdaf’s Church and Plas Newydd to its junction with the U4219.  At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-easterly direction along the U4219, passing Coed Y Brenin and Oakfield to its junction with the U4223.  At the junction, turn right and continue in a westerly direction along the U4223, passing Dolgaer to return to a point east of the closure.  Vice Versa for west bound traffic.

This Notice shall continue in force for a period not exceeding twenty one days after which time its provision may be extended by a Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of the same Act.  


Mrs Ruth Mullen  B.S.c.

Director of Environment

County Hall



SA31 1JP