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Rhandir-Sadwrn, latest news

Rhandir Garden Llansadwrn

As part of the community consultation on the Llansadwrn Rhandir project an open meeting was held at the Reading Room last Saturday morning.

More than twenty people attended and the idea of establishing a community garden/orchard in Llansadwrn was discussed in some depth.

Comments, suggestions and ideas came thick and fast. The meeting was very supportive of the idea and wanted the Rhandir to be a place that everyone in Llansadwrn could use, enjoy and be proud of.

The meeting was enthusiastic to get going as soon as possible and it was decided that a number of volunteers should take the project forward.

First of all we will get a Rhandir group set up and constituted and produce a development plan for the site for the Community Council to consider at their next meeting.

Rhandir-Sadwrn-meeting Rhandir Garden Llansadwrn Llansadwrn 1962 aerial shot with view of old garden on the community field
Llansadwrn 1962 aerial shot with view of the original garden on the community field

Comments from the feedback book and from the meeting (sic)

This is a brilliant idea, and will get people out& talking together as they work.

Lovely idea – fruit trees – easy maintenance – crop could be shared – scrumpy?

Wild play/forest school area fruit/forest garden

Great idea

An accessible path/s around the garden/orchard. Great idea!

Wonderful idea – another innovation to bring the community together.

What fun and a wonderful way to connect people in the village yet again in a wonderful environment. Jane

Wooden parck & zip wire Hannah

It’s an exelent idia Signed by Bethan

Greenhouse full of tomatos, carrots and stuff licke that

A place where tourists go and visit and seewildlife Poppy

A fantastic wy to create community!! Looking forward to the Orchard as my garden is too small for fruit trees and I think the opportunity for local school to have “forest school” is brilliant!!

A fairy garden! Little doors on flower pots to help the flowers grow Claire .E.

Garden patch for growing fruits and vegetables. Lewis

Community plots ‘Rubarb’ herbs, Runnes ect.

Possibly register as a ‘community charity’ to obtain grants/help from local business.

Fabulous idea to have a garden

Maintaining hedge cutting is important.

Large trees on boundary are protected.

Barbeque area -fire pit

Childrens’ ‘patch’ or tubs.
Lean to for green wood working

Seating areas/meeting places


Bird boxes Insect boxes

On rememberence day place little wooden crosses and grow poppies

Lay boundary hedge of native trees + lay it properly.

A place for children/people to go and make a wish (release some stress) Almost like a wishing well/calm think – space?
Also grow some vegetables.

Fruit trees also serve as memorials for local people.

Will it be down to the community to create the garden?

This would be a special way of bringing everyone together

Also we would love to see a few fairy doors at the bottom of some tree trunks, to get the kids imaginations going.

Brilliant idea – but concerned about practicalities eg. Rota for volunteers? Deciding what to grow? To fundraise?

Happy to provide mushroom logs + Bed Shitake, Oyster, Garden Giant

A Patchwork farm producer


Fire Circle/Stone circle Story telling area.

Interested in joining us/volunteering? Get in touch.

Rhandir Llansadwrn  Llansadwrn Community Garden/Orchard

Flowers bringing beauty to community spaces

A project to establish a garden/orchard in a corner of the Llansadwrn Community Field is being investigated.

In order to get as many views from members of the community as possible an open meeting to discuss the project will be held at
Llansadwrn Reading Room on Saturday 10th of November between 10am and noon.

Everyone welcome.

A number of garden/orchard projects already exist in Wales. As well as a place to grow plants sites are used by adults and children to share knowledge and skills, socialize, keep physically active or just relax.

A display and comments book will also be available at the Reading Room over the next few weeks.

The space will offer a place for young and old alike to learn skills, catch up and chat and get some healthy outdoor exercise.

Llansadwrn 1962 aerial shot with view of old garden on the community field Rhandir Llansadwrn Garden and orchard map Rhandir-Llansadwrn-Llansadwrn-community-garden Rhandir-Llansadwrn-Llansadwrn-community-garden-top-corner Apple day in Cwmdu Sneezewort Flowers bringing beauty to community spaces
Llansadwrn 1962 aerial shot with view of the original garden on the community field

Prize Winning Show

Congratulations to all the raffle prize winners from Llansadwrn Show.

Raffle results 2018

1st £100 cash (Iona Marks) to Lloyd Davies, Llanybyther

2nd £100 cash (Keith Roberts) to Tracy

3rd Family tickets to Paul Norris

4th Meal voucher King’s Head Llandovery to Poppy Brown

5th Meal voucher Cottage Inn Llandeilo to Barry Jones

6th £25 voucher (Ieaun Evans) to Wyn Thomas

7th Drivers kit (Arwel’s Agri) to Clive Morse St Clears

8th Mystery Prize Scarf (Duet Lampeter) to Gary Thomas Llanfynydd

9th £20 cash (Humber Palmer) to Paul Norris

10th Rechargeable torch (Caegwyn Farm Supplies) to Joy Chapman

11th Box of goodies from Dragon’s Garden to Ifor Lloyd Aberaeron

12th Tray of eggs to Vanessa Hope

Llansadwrn Village Show

Winners Llansadwrn show 2017

Vegetables for the Llansadwrn Show

Get out your veg, show off your pooch, share your skills

We know we have a talented village and nothing shows it off better than the annual village show on the 16th this year.

2018 promises to be a particularly fun one with rumours of a vintage tractor display which should keep young and old entertained.

For a full show programme you can go to the Llansadwrn show website where you can also see last years winners.

Llansadwrn Community Garden

Creating a community space

There are many thousands of community gardens throughout the world including several in Wales.

Some are natural areas, wild flower meadows, or art gardens, whilst others are used to grow vegetables, or fruit trees.

Community Gardens have been shown to have positive health benefits for the people involved. They contribute to a sense of community, and neighbourhood improvement.

Llansadwrn Community Council have agreed that a community garden be established on the Community Field between Maesporth and The Old Vicarage, (coloured red on the plan)

If you would like to be involved in setting up LLANSADWRN COMMUNITY GARDEN, have a word with John. (


Flowers bringing beauty to community spaces