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A request has been received for the temporary road closure of the C2161, Heol y Gelli at Llansadwrn, Llanwrda from a point 710 metres north east of its junction with the C2172 for a distance of 80 metres in a north easterly direction.

The closure is necessary to ensure public safety whilst Welsh Water connect a new water pipe from Monday 7th January 2019 for a period of 2 days.

The alternative route for north eastbound traffic will be to proceed in a south westerly direction along the C2161 to its junction with the A40. At the junction, turn left and continue in a north easterly direction along the A40 to its junction with the A482. At the junction, turn left and continue in a north westerly direction along the A482 to its junction with the C2161. At the junction, turn left and continue in a south westerly direction along the C2161 to return to a point north east of the closure. Vice versa for south westbound traffic.

Libanus Chapel – opportunities to take a look

Stencils on balcony Libanus Chapel Llansadwrn

Stencils on balcony Libanus Chapel Llansadwrn

Libanus Chapel in Llansadwrn is a beautiful building with an interesting history

The old chapel is now managed by the Welsh Religious Buildings Trust. It was the first chapel they took on.

The Baptist Cause

Built in 1841 and tucked away in the westward corner of Llansadwrn this building is the second chapel built by the local members. The stream in Waunclynda was used for baptisms for the members in Capel Soar, Llandybie and this group went on to build two chapels.

The first chapel was built in 1790 and it served both the local Baptists and Methodists with a wattle screen between to separate the congregations.

The present chapel was built in 1841 by the chapel members.

The school room behind is above the old stable block. Sadly the floor up here is too dangerous to walk on but there are a number of artifacts from the days is was used as a school room.

Did you go to services at Libanus?

We would love to hear your stories of the chapel which closed in 1998. Did you go to services there? Do you remember any stories about the chapel?

Get involved

We will be doing a cleaning day there soon and we would like to open the chapel up regularly for use by the village. The Welsh Religious Buildings Trust are keen to see the building used to ensure that it doesn’t decay.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in getting involved.

Future open days

We will also be arranging some open days in the future – watch the website and events list to find out more and follow the Llansadwrn Facebook page.

Locals-taking-a-look-round-Libanus-Chapel Locals-taking-a-look-around-Libanus-Chapel Libanus-outside back-of-chapel-Libanus-llansadwrn Pillar-in-Libanus-Chapel-from-side-Llansadwrn Detail-of-roof-libanus-chapel-llansadwrn Libanus-outside-2 Inside-the-old-school-room Stencils-on-balcony-Libanus-Chapel-Llansadwrn Close-up-of-stencil Floor-linoleum-Libanus-Chapel Decorated-roof-Libanus-Chapel Pulpit-Libanus-Chapel
Stencils on balcony Libanus Chapel Llansadwrn

Prize Winning Show

Congratulations to all the raffle prize winners from Llansadwrn Show.

Raffle results 2018

1st £100 cash (Iona Marks) to Lloyd Davies, Llanybyther

2nd £100 cash (Keith Roberts) to Tracy

3rd Family tickets to Paul Norris

4th Meal voucher King’s Head Llandovery to Poppy Brown

5th Meal voucher Cottage Inn Llandeilo to Barry Jones

6th £25 voucher (Ieaun Evans) to Wyn Thomas

7th Drivers kit (Arwel’s Agri) to Clive Morse St Clears

8th Mystery Prize Scarf (Duet Lampeter) to Gary Thomas Llanfynydd

9th £20 cash (Humber Palmer) to Paul Norris

10th Rechargeable torch (Caegwyn Farm Supplies) to Joy Chapman

11th Box of goodies from Dragon’s Garden to Ifor Lloyd Aberaeron

12th Tray of eggs to Vanessa Hope

Recycling Research – please help

Can you help local student Tracey with her research into recycling?

How does knowledge regarding recycling empower individuals to reconnect with their role as a consumer and how they interact with the environment?

This research proposes to gather information on how the local community of Llansadwrn village engage with recycling, and whether an increase in knowledge and understanding of recycling would impact upon personal actions in any way.

The research has started. Firstly, Tracey intends to visit as many homes as possible from the village area to see whether people would agree to be a part of the research.

This research will include agreeing to having your black and blue rubbish bags weighed before collection each week (to see whether there are any changes over time, due to understanding of what can or cannot be recycled), filling out 2 questionnaires (one at the start of the study and another during October/November 2018) and possibly engaging in a small focus group discussion in the spring of 2019, if you would like to.

There will also be a public information meeting in the autumn, date to be confirmed soon, to inform on recycling in this area and answer any questions you may have. It is hoped that this will help you to feel an inclusive part of Tracey’s study and to engage freely with her  on any thoughts you have on this greater subject area.

At the end of this research period, a poster will be developed, using all information gathered related to the questions posed by the informants, which could in the future be utilised by the local authority to provide better amenities and education to the wider community of Wales.

If you would like to take part please download the forms and return to Tracey.

Download the two forms below and fill in and return to Tracey

Informed Consent form-2018

Waste recycling questionnaire Tracey

Local Running Hero

Menna running in Scotland

Menna running in Scotland

Llansadwrn runner Menna Evans is running for Welsh wildlife

On 21st July our Menna started running at John O’Groats … and she’s still running.

Menna started her journey in John O’Groats and will complete her Ultra run at Lands End. In total Menna will be running 1,010 miles and climbing 75,500 feet (that’s two and a half times up Everest!). That’s a marathon a day, 6 days a week!

Menna made the decision to support the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales who manage the beautiful Dinefwr Castle Woods (including castle) , Talley Lakes and Poor Man’s Wood/Gallt y Tlodion on our doorstep.

If you’d like to support Menna you can follow her journey on her Facebook page or blog, or you can support her by donating via her Just Giving page.