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Changes to vehicle guidance at recycling centres

The Environmental and Public Protection Scrutiny meeting held on 18th April 2019 have reviewed vehicle access to recycling centres, please find attached a leaflet which provides vehicle guidance for access to recycling centres [Action log EPP-020 18/19].

Further information and frequently ask questions (FAQ’s) regarding the changes to recycling centres is available on the Council website:-



Garden Design

Flowers bringing beauty to community spaces

Get involved with designing our community garden.

We want this to be an inclusive space for everyone in the village and that includes being a part of how it looks. So we want your ideas on how the garden will look.

The comments book is in the Reading Room and will be available for any ideas but we also want you to have a play with how the garden could look.

Why not download a copy of the garden design and have a go at your own version of the design, it’s very likely that the end result will be an amalgam of all the ideas.

Garden diagram to scale

Right click the image with your mouse and choose save the image

You can submit your ideas here

Funding for groups

I would like to make you aware that the Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Dafydd Llywelyn is launching his funding programme where grants of between £5,000 and £10,000 are available to groups and organisations across the Force.

The Commissioner is inviting applications from voluntary and community organisations, as well as the public and private sectors, for projects which will have a positive impact on the security and safety of local communities and is also encouraging organisations to work collaboratively on this.

I would be very grateful for your support in promoting this opportunity on Social Media and within the local communities you serve. If you know of any groups who would benefit from this funding, please let them know about it.

The closing date for applications is 24th May 2019.

Further information: Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Fund


A request has been received for the temporary road closure of the C2169 Talley, Llandeilo from a point ½ mile south-east of its junction with the B4302 for a total distance of 300 metres in a south-easterly direction.

The closure is necessary for Utility Services Ltd to replace B. T. Poles from 0800 hours Wednesday 1st May, 2019 for a period of 3 days.

The alternative route for north-west bound traffic will be to proceed in an easterly to south-easterly direction along the C2169 to its junction with the C2170. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-westerly direction along the C2170 to its junction with the B4302. At the junction, turn right and continue in a north-westerly direction along the B4302 to its junction with the C2169. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-easterly direction to return to a point north-west of the closure. Vice Versa for east bound traffic.