Libanus Chapel

Libanus Chapel in Llansadwrn is a beautiful building with an interesting history

The old chapel is now managed by the Welsh Religious Buildings Trust. It was the first chapel they took on.

The Baptist Cause

Built in 1841 and tucked away in the westward corner of Llansadwrn this building is the second chapel built by the local members. The stream in Waunclynda was used for baptisms for the members in Capel Soar, Llandybie and this group went on to build two chapels.


Back of the chapel

The first chapel was built in 1790 and it served both the local Baptists and Methodists with a wattle screen between to separate the congregations.

The present chapel was built in 1841 by the chapel members.

The school room behind is above the old stable block. Sadly the floor up here is too dangerous to walk on but there are a number of artifacts from the days is was used as a school room.


Libanus-outside-2 Full-pillar-Libanus-Chapel-Llansadwrn Decorated-roof-Libanus-Chapel Detail-of-roof-libanus-chapel-llansadwrn Close-up-of-pillar-detail-Libanus-Chapel-Llansadwrn Libanus-outside back-of-chapel-Libanus-llansadwrn Floor-linoleum-Libanus-Chapel Close-up-of-stencil Floor-linoleum-Libanus-Chapel-2
Close up of pillar detail Libanus Chapel Llansadwrn