Urgent update about Village Broadband

A message from WeFibre (Telecom) 

If you missed the deadline to sign up to broadband you now have a new opportunity to register interest directly with WeFibre (www.wefibre.com). This is not binding in any way as a commitment to a contract but will assist them in understanding the likely audience in the village. This opportunity will close again on the 15th February. 

To keep you informed this is the email received by the community coordinators:

Thank you for your interest in WeFibre and for your vote as a part of the Broadband Upgrade Fund.

We know you had a choice of suppliers as a part of the Broadband Upgrade Fund and so don’t take the responsibility lightly.

We’ve been truly blown away by the level of interest we’ve received as a supplier on the Broadband Upgrade Fund and are very grateful to have your support. Each vote we received in an area helps to build support for that area so please know your vote really does matter and count.

We’re incredibly excited to have the potential opportunity to serve you and ensure you benefit from what most take for granted these days, digital inclusion.

WeFibre was established to help close the digital divide which is why our mission is simply “to do the right thing for the UK by ensuring everyone has the access they need and deserve”.

Now all the votes are in, we’re working through each vote in order to understand where the clusters of interest are and how we can allocate clusters of votes into projects that will eventually be put forward to DCMS for funding.

📅 Next steps:

Monday 8th of February 🏘️ Complete grouping of votes into projects by region.

Tuesday 9th of February📣 We will be sending out the next update to confirm that all projects have been allocated.

Monday 15th of February📜 We will be confirming what your project will be and providing you with community action pack outlining a step by step guide from there until final connection. As a part of the project allocation stage we will do our best to create groups of votes large enough to ensure they meet the mobilisation threshold however if the geographic spread is too large then we may need to set a minimum signup threshold for your area that will mean more support from the community is needed in order to trigger mobilisation.

Our commitment is we will put every single vote into a project in order to give every community no matter where you are based the opportunity to generate additional interest even if initial levels received by the Broadband Upgrade Fund are low.

Please continue to be patient with us whilst we complete this important planning stage. There will be an opportunity to engage in dialogue concerning your community project after the 15th of February, once each community project has been formed.

If you know of anyone else who is interested in participating and would like to engage with us prior to the 15th of February, please direct them to wefibre.com and have them submit interest.

Thank you once again for your support and interest. We look forward to working with you to connect the unconnected.

Shaun GibsonWeFibre

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