October Minutes 2022


Minutes of the meeting of Llansadwrn Community Council held at the Reading Room, Llansadwrn on Wednesday 5th October, 2022.

Chairman: Councillor C. Jones
Councillors: T. Evans, L. Jones, L. Rowlands

1. Apologies
County Councillor A, Davies, Councillor C. Eady, Councillor J. Evans

2. Minutes of the meeting previous meeting and matters that were not on the Agenda
Minutes were accepted as correct.

3. Declarations of Interest
Councillor T. Evans – Reading Room, Gardd Gymunedol Llansadwrn
Councillor L. Rowlands – Cornwallis

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

4.2 Reading Room
No meetings had been held

Brownhill Junction
The Clerk had contacted Natural Resources Wales regarding the Memorial Woodland at Brownhill, they confirmed that they would be making some alterations but couldn’t say at the moment exactly what work would be carried out. The County Councillor had contacted SWTRA regarding a joint meeting and they confirmed that they would shortly arrange a mutually convenient date. The Clerk had also contacted Carmarthenshire County Council regarding the work, which would possibly include removing the hedgerows, etc. and they confirmed that biodiversity could be an issue.

8 (1) Llansadwrn Play Area
Following the inspection report received from Sutcliffe it was agreed to ask them to proceed with the work but we would not require any work carried out to the gate at this present time. This would be discussed and agreed when deciding the amount of the precept. Councillor L. Rowlands agreed to visit the Play Area and check if the work had been carried out.

8 (iii) Web Site
Lyndsey Maiden agreed to attend the next meeting.

8 (2) Highway issues
It was agreed to remove this from the Agenda.

It was agreed to continue with our enquiries regarding a possible leaflet giving information regarding the footpaths in the area. Councillor L. Jones to call with Postdatum, the Clerk to enquire with Ms Lisa Dennison.

8 (a) Gardd Gymunedol Llansadwrn Community Garden
A meeting would be arranged in the future.

Red Telephone Kiosk
Councillor L. Rowlands was continuing to obtain three quotes for the cost of clearing the kiosk.

8 (4) Community Field Furniture
The Clerk to ask Colin Darman to ‘roll’ the Community Field as required.

8 (4) Co-option of one member
A further notice had been placed in Post Datum.

5. Correspondence
(1) Managing Green Spaces
(2) LGP Survey – Town and Community Councils
(3) Hywel Dda Report (Has your child been to hospital)
(4) One Voice Wales – Council training
(5) Ramblers – our Paths future
(6) A fairer Council Tax consultation
(7) Mourning Guidance
(8) Invite to St Davids Cathedral
(9) Keep Wales Tidy Grant
(10) Llansadwrn Church – thank you for donation
(11) Y Lloffwr – thank you for donation

6. Reports

(a) Report from County Councillor
Absent from the meeting.

(b) Report from Cornwallis Liaison
There was no news to report, continuing to work with the Heritage Charity with the House being a listed building. Work was being focused on the School House.

7. Finance

Clerks Wages – £530.00 (includes 2 translations, £30.00 stamps, £36.00 broadband/phone)
HMRC – £116.00
We Dig Media – £540.00
Tregib Sports Facilities – £200.00

A number of requests for donations had been received, each was discussed and it was agreed to only give to local charities/societies.

Full Audit update
Nothing to report.