November 2023


Minutes of the meeting of Llansadwrn Community Council held via MS Teams on Wednesday 1st November, 2023.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Chairman: Councillor C. Powell
Councillors: C. Jones, H. Evans, W. Davies, L., Rowlands

1. Apologies:
County Councillor A. Davies, Councillor T. Evans, Councillor L. Jones, Councillor J. Evans

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters that were not included on the Agenda
Minutes accepted as correct.

3. Declarations of Interest
Cornwallis, Llansadwrn Reading Room – Councillor L. Rowlands

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

4.2 Llansadwrn Reading Room
The Balance Sheet had been received and the returns completed for the Charity Commission. A copy of the balance sheet to be sent with the next minutes.

Brownhill Junction
Nothing to report.

8 (1) Llansadwrn Play Area
Nothing to report. Awaiting report from Carmarthenshire County Council regarding annual inspection.

8 (iii) Web Site
Nothing to report.

Highway issues
Nothing new to report.

Red Telephone Kiosk
This was discussed and more time was required to discuss the way forward.

5. Correspondence
(1) £5m Community fuel fund
(2) Strategic Equality Plan – Hywel Dda
(3) Carmarthenshire County Council update
(4) Hywel Dda – Bevan Commissioners on line events
(5) Carmarthenshire County Council – Area meeting
(6) Support to capture older people’s GP experiences
(7) Mid Wales Fire and Rescue – attend a meeting.

6. Reports

(a) Report from County Councillor
Absent from the meeting.

(b) Report from Cornwallis Liaison
Councillor L. Rowlands stated that discussions had moved forward significantly, although there was possibly an issue regarding phosphate, but hopefully this could be sorted. There would possibly be 12/14 affordable housing units on the site, grants were available, also planning applications would need to be prepared.

7. Finance

(a) Payments
We Dig Media – £408.96
Poppy Wreath – £25.00

(b) Donations
Llansadwrn Church (grass cutting) – £300.00
Cylch Blaenau Tywi – £30.00

Audit update 2022/2023
Auditor General’s report and audit opinion

I certify that I have completed the audit of the Annual Return for the year ended 31 March, 2023 of Llansadwrn Community Council. My audit has been conducted on behalf of the Auditor General for Wales and in accordance with the requirements of the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004 and guidance issued by the Annual General for Wales

Audit opinion: Unqualified
On the basis of my audit, in my opinion no matters have come to my attention to give cause for concern that, in any material respect, the information reported in this Annual Return:
has not been prepared in accordance with proper practices;
that relevant legislative and regulatory requirements have not been met;
is not consistent with Council’s governance arrangements and
that the Council does not have proper arrangements in place to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources

other matters and recommendations
There no further matters I wish to draw to the Council’s attention.

(a) Signing quarterly and expenditure reports/bank statements
These were up to date.

(b) Budgets – 2024/2025
An updated Budget Report and Financial Report had been forwarded to every member.

Having discussed the above two financial reports it was agreed that the precept would remain the same as 2023/2024.

IRP panel
Following information received from the IRP a consultation was being discussed to pay Community Councillors a payment for using their homes as an office. Copies of the report to be sent to everyone.

Power of competence
A report had been received regarding Power of Competence for Community Councils and a copy to be sent to every member and discussed at the next meeting.

8. Any other business

8 (2) CPR and Defibrillator training
This had been organised for the 10th of December, 2023. 10.00 a.m. until 12.00, posters to be sent to everyone and also placed on the website. The training was being given by Wayne Edwards from St. John’s Ambulance.

8 (3) Volunteers in the Community
This was discussed briefly and the Clerk was asked to enquire with BHIB Insurance regarding the insurance cover for volunteers.

The Community Field was discussed, but this 3 year contract had already been given in March this year. If there were any issues regarding the Community Field these should be reported to the Community Council.

A note to be placed on the website noting that we were meeting using MS Teams and if anyone wished to join the meeting as an observer to contact the Clerk.

9. Date of next meeting
The next virtual meeting would be held on Wednesday 3rd January, 2024. The Clerk to send a link at 7.25 p.m.