January 2024


Minutes of the meeting of Llansadwrn Community Council held via MS Teams on Wednesday 3rd January, 2024.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

Mr Graham Craig had requested to attend the meeting in order to discuss the Community Field. Before the meeting everyone had received a photograph of the piece of the Community Field he would like to purchase. It was a very small piece of the Community Field which would give him access to an outbuilding.

Chairman: Councillor C. Powell
Councillors: C. Jones, H. Evans, W. Davies, L. Rowlands
County Councillor A. Davies

1. Apologies
Councillor T. Evans, L. Jones, J. Evans

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters that were not included on the Agenda
Minutes were accepted as correct.

3. Declaration of Interest
Cornwallis, Llansadwrn Reading Room – Councillor L. Rowlands
Cornwallis – County Councillor A. Davies

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

4.2 Llansadwrn Reading Room
No meeting held, therefore nothing to report.

Brownhill Junction
Nothing to report.

8 (1) Llansadwrn Play Area
The inspection report for the play area had been received from Carmarthenshire County Council.

8 (iii) Web Site
Nothing to report.

Highway Issues
The road from Waun Clyn Da to Penybont Bridge, there are barriers on part of the road which have fallen into the water.
About 200 to 300 meters from the island corner (junction) before Llansadwrn Village there is a sunken culvert across the road. Cyclist and public transport use this road daily.
Pot holes continued to be an issue and the County Councillor explained how these were being filled.

Red Telephone Kiosk
It had previously been agreed to use the red telephone kiosk as an information centre and eventually maps would be placed in the kiosk. Councillor L Rowlands advised that the following work would be needed to be carried out in the kiosk. 2 sheets of plywood costing approximately £150.00 and paint would cost approximately £55.00. The Clerk explained that when the Kiosk was purchased, we agreed that only correct paint as advised by BT would be used. Following a discussion on the colour of the kiosk it was agreed to keep to its original colour and it would not be necessary to purchase special paint.

D Day Celebrations June, 2024
Councillor L. Rowlands confirmed that Mr Phil Howells, an historian, who lived in the village would possibly give a talk about this event.

8 (2) CPR and Defibrillator training
The event had been very useful and everyone had learnt from the event. The Defibrillator had been needed, it was noted that the pads were out of date. Councillor L. Rowlands had received costs from DS Medical, £148.80 for two sets of pads. Another training session would hopefully be organised in about 6 months’ time. It was agreed to forward St Johns Ambulance a donation of £25.00.

8 (3) Volunteers in the Community
The Clerk had enquired with BHIB insurance regarding volunteers carrying out work on behalf of the Community Council and the following reply was received:
“We are able to confirm that providing all employees and volunteers will be working at the sole request of and under the sole control of the Parish council, using tools, materials and equipment provided by the Parish Council that the existing Public and Employers Liability Sections of the policy would apply.

We would only expect Employees and Volunteers to be involved with less hazardous work involved with path maintenance, grass cutting or litter collection, with the use of non-powered tools only, other than lawnmowers/grass cutting equipment and strimmer’s, when stout footwear should be worn and also safety goggles in the case of strimmer’s. Cleaning materials must not be stronger than those available on shop shelves.”

A risk assessment form would need to be completed for each volunteer and the work involved.

5. Correspondence
Carmarthenshire County Council – planning consultation PL/06890 – conversion of two barns to a residential dwelling – Ebenezer House, Llansadwrn, SA19 8HL.
(1) Carmarthenshire County Council budget consultation
(2) IRP consultation
(3) Charity commission news
(4) Power of Competence information
(5) OVW Road Safety strategy
(6) Older People’s Commissioners newsletter
(7) OVW cost of living team
(8) OVW update

6. Reports

(a) Report from County Councillor
Closing date of budget consultation was 28th January, 2024, copies were available on line or paper copies are available. 22 million pounds of savings was required. Council tax would increase by 6-10%, a brief list of individual costs was given.

(b) Report from Cornwallis liaison
A survey was being carried out. No further updates had been received from Bro Myrddin Housing.

7. Finance

(a) Payments
Clerks Wages – £522.60 (includes expenses and 2 translations)
HMRC – £116.00
Carmarthenshire County Council Led to lanterns – £312.76
W. L. Rowlands (DS Medical) – £148.80
YNH – £13.00
(b) Donations
St Johns Ambulance – £25.00

Precept payment of £2,333.33 received

Annual National Grid payment £59.49 received.

IRP consultation
Copies had been sent to everyone, the payment letter to Community Councillors to be sent with the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.

Power of Competence
Information regarding Power of Competence has been sent to every member, at the moment Llansadwrn Community Council don’t qualify for Power of Competence.
The kind of activities the GPoC could be used include:
Lending or investing money e.e. to support village or town activities, or to support and generate local businesses.
Providing discretionary support and activities e.g. taking over youth facilities or offering organized support (such as reading/numeracy assistants to schools)
Generating and selling green energy
Building and providing a range of community facilities

Welsh Government S137 donations
The sum for 2024 would be £10.81 per ratepayer.

8. Any other business

Community Field
Following the attendance of Graham Craig to this meeting and his request for a small piece of land for access to an outbuilding. This was discussed and refused as the Community Field was owned by the Community and it was agreed not to start giving/selling parts of the field.

9. Date of next meeting
The next virtual meeting would be held on Wednesday 7th February, 2024. The Clerk to send a link at 7.25 p.m.