Turning on the Christmas Lights

The turning on the lights at Llansadwrn reading room this Christmas was a delight for all of us who attended.

The Christmas tree lights provided a sense of tension as only half turned on initially, but then thankfully the whole tree was ablaze to the cheers of all who were there.

We were treated to the delightful Llandeilo Town Band, who played us many beautiful carols and we joined in with great gusto.

Llandeilo Town Band are happy to come and play at your village event they just ask to be able to take donations to buy instruments for the band. They are a fantastic bunch who really deserve our support.

Thanks to all at the reading room who put so much work into last night’s event, we all enjoyed the mulled cider, mince pies and the general good feeling of having an evening with friends and neighbours.

Llansadwrn Christmas lights at the Reading Room

Llansadwrn Christmas lights at the Reading Room