Gardd Llansadwrn  Llansadwrn Community Garden/Orchard

A project to establish a garden/orchard in a corner of the Llansadwrn Community Field is being investigated.

In order to get as many views from members of the community as possible an open meeting to discuss the project will be held at
Llansadwrn Reading Room on Saturday 10th of November between 10am and noon. We want to know what you want from this space.

Everyone welcome.

A number of garden/orchard projects already exist in Wales. As well as a place to grow plants sites are used by adults and children to share knowledge and skills, socialize, keep physically active or just relax.

A display and comments book will also be available at the Reading Room over the next few weeks.

The space will offer a place for young and old alike to learn skills, catch up and chat and get some healthy outdoor exercise.

Llansadwrn 1962 aerial shot with view of old garden on the community field Rhandir Llansadwrn Garden and orchard map Rhandir-Llansadwrn-Llansadwrn-community-garden Rhandir-Llansadwrn-Llansadwrn-community-garden-top-corner Apple day in Cwmdu Sneezewort Flowers bringing beauty to community spaces
Llansadwrn 1962 aerial shot with view of the original garden on the community field