Vestry Venture for all

The Vestry Venture came about as an idea to provide space where people of any age can informally meet together.  

Newcomers to the area are particularly welcome: it is also an opportunity to find out what is happening locally.  

Simple refreshments  are available for which there is no charge – although if you enjoy coming, contributions towards the cost of electricity are really helpful, and much valued.  

There are a few paperbacks to swop or share, and there is a safe play area for small children. From time to time there are items for sale such as plants or clothes.  

The vestry adjoins the church, and the entrance is usually indicated by Winnie the Pooh sitting on a chair outside, on a Monday afternoon – but if the wind and rain is very heavy, he sometimes disappears, usually having been bowled down the path……

We are closed during school holiday time but otherwise open on Mondays (re-starting  11th September),  3-5pm.

Please feel free to drop by one Monday, even if only for ten minutes – you will be most welcome.  Ideas how this venture might develop further are always appreciated.  

For further info please contact Liz on 01550 777220 or Jane on 07522 960816