Volunteer planting events at Coedwig Abermarlais, Brownhill.

Following on from our recent update on 17 January, I am getting in touch to inform you about the volunteer planting events we will be holding at the end of March at Coedwig Abermalais.

The planting events will be an opportunity for local residents to come and plant and tree and help create a new woodland in memory of loved ones sadly lost to Covid-19 and build a valuable conservation space for the community.

There will be four planting sessions in total, which Tir Coed will be running on our behalf.

The sessions on the 18 and 25 March will be open to the general public.  Details of how to sign up are attached.

The sessions on 22 and 23 March are being organised with local school and educational groups.

We’d like to extend an invitation for you to join us on the 23 March at around 10.30 am, to plant a tree in the new woodland.

This will be an informal gathering of the NRW team and key stakeholders, to have an opportunity to be part of creating the new woodland. Please do let me know if you’d like to join us and we will have a planting spade ready.

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