Open Garden 2020 – Get Planting

Garden full of flowers

A meeting was had for anyone from Llansadwrn interested in opening up their garden for the 2020 fundraiser for our Reading Room.

The Reading Room heaters are in desperate need of replacement, they are ancient enough to have come from the Ark and use enough energy to have cause that flood. So the good people of Llansadwrn are being asked to open up their gardens for a FUN open garden.

Organiser Lizzie Johnson was keen to emphasise the fun bit of the garden, so it’s NOT a competition. We should not be stressed about it, we shouldn’t spend the winter panicing about it and a number of people present at the meeting were keen to point out how wildlife friendly their gardens were by being a bit messy.

We are also focussing largely on gardens in Llansadwrn as we want to keep people out of their cars but people will be able to purchase a map on the day and we are looking into how we can get people to the outlyer gardens with talk of a walk round and a charabanc to drive groups to the outliers. All being investigated and ideas/volunteers welcome.

We are also planning to do a wildlife habitat hunt- so gardeners get to pick what wildlife habitat visiting children have to search for in the garden – the notion of flags with a cut out of the creature as garden markers was suggested (instead of balloons to cut out plastic).

Cakes and refreshments will be provided at the Reading Room and it was suggested that the pub could be open in the afternoon to the weary garden viewers.

If you would like to register your garden please fill in the form below.

The next meeting about the gardens will be 7pm Tuesday Feb 4th at the Reading Room.

The date for the open garden is the 20th June 2020.

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