Diweddariad ar y Coetir Coffa yn Brownhill – Update on Commemorative woodland at Brownhill

Update on Commemorative woodland at Brownhill 

Following on from my previous correspondence on 1 March, I am writing to update you on the feedback we have received from our first public consultation on the Commemorative Woodland at Brownhill and to inform you of our next steps.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We were pleased to be able to engage with so many residents, both through our on-line consultation and community drop-in session at Llangadog in March, and have the opportunity to listen to people’s views and concerns on the proposals for the land at Brownhill.

As a result of the feedback we have received, we have divided the site into three main areas, each of which will have different objectives. 

Area 1 – Conservation space

  1. Riparian and wet woodland with minimum intervention primarily to benefit biodiversity and to promote a healthy active floodplain.
  2. Identify areas where the public can safely access the river, causing minimal disturbance for wildlife to flourish.
  3. Improve access points to the river and ensure that anglers can continue to access the space safely.

Area 2 – Woodland Space

  1. Create a native broadleaf woodland that maximises habitat diversity.
  2. A contemplative and commemorative space that is accessible to all.
  3. Create a green resource for community use.

Area 3 – Growing Space

  1. Work in partnership to deliver sustainable opportunities to grow food, trees, nature.
  2. Increase tree cover to demonstrate how government planting initiatives to help tackle the climate and nature emergencies can be achieved alongside other land uses.
  3. Improve water quality, soil health and the habitat and species diversity.

Regarding areas one and two, we understand the concerns raised about safe access to the site and different proposed uses of the land. However, the majority of the feedback from our first round of consultation indicated general support for the objectives set out for Area one, the “Conservation space” and Area2, the “Woodland space”.

We will approach these two areas differently to ensure public access and space for wildlife complement each other. In the longer term we will investigate ways to make the site more accessible without a car.

The majority of ideas and concerns we received relate to Area Three, the “Growing Space”. We will therefore focus this next stage of consultation on this part of the site.

We think this is an exciting opportunity to work in partnership (for example, a community group, a young farmer, or someone else) to test out and demonstrate land use proposals to tackle the climate and nature emergencies, integrated into productive agriculture.

Next steps of consultation 

From today, (23 June) we are launching a second online consultation, to seek feedback from our neighbours, surrounding communities, and partners on how we can achieve the objectives for Area Three, the “Growing Space.”

As part of the consultation, we will also be holding a community drop in event on 14 of July at Llansadwrn reading room, SA19 8HH Carmarthenshire, to speak with communities from the surrounding area and gather feedback.

We want to encourage people who live in the area to come along on 14 July and talk to us or take part in our online consultation and have their say.  Commemorative woodland at Brownhill – next phase of consultation – Natural Resources Wales Citizen Space – Citizen Space (cyfoethnaturiol.cymru)

Should you wish to discuss anything in more detail, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru​ / Natural Resources Wales

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