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We’re four good friends who have joined together to grow veg and fruit for our local community of Llansadwrn.

We’ve all been growing veg for many years and as of 2018 we’ll be upping our production so it’s not just for us. We’ll be contributing some of our produce through the Black Mountain Food Hub and we’ll be selling some locally to the people of Llansadwrn and Llanwrda.

For over a decade, James and Lyndsey have been practising growing veg and fruit out in Carmarthenshire, whilst Julian and Raoul have been doing the same in Cardiff. Now we’re taking it a bit more seriously.

We will be bringing veg down to the Reading Room on a Saturday, selling through Black Mountain Food Hub and letting people know through Facebook when we have gluts.

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Homegrown-dinner-from-Gardd-Sadwrn-(including-bread-from-Bara-Sadwrn) Chillis-from-Gardd-Sadwrn Peppers-from-Gardd-Sadwrn
Homegrown dinner from Gardd Sadwrn (including bread from Bara Sadwrn)

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It’s the end of January of the New Year 2019 and we’ve assessed progress so far. In 2018 we made a good start in getting the garden cleared and growing again. We’ve added loads of manure and compost to the soil and we’ve started a three year crop rotation around the vegetable plot. We had a great year for beans, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers and squashes. The celeriac and Brussels sprouts didn’t do so well. We all agree that this year we want to grow more. We set up a greenhouse (generously donated by James’ mother) and built staging…

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