May 2022 minutes


Minutes of the meeting of Llansadwrn Community Council held at the Reading Room, Llansadwrn on Wednesday 11th May, 2022

The newly elected Chair thanked the outgoing chairman, Councillor C. Powell, for all his work and support over the past three years.

County Councillor A. Davies was congratulated on being re-elected as the County Councillor for the Cilycwm area.


Chairman: Councillor C. Jones

Councillors: C. Powell, L. Jones, C. Eady

County Councillor A. Davies

1. Apologies

Councillor T. Evans

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters that were not included on the agenda.

Minutes were accepted as correct.

3. Declaration of Interest


4. Matters arising from the minutes:

4.2 Llansadwrn Reading Room

An event was being held in the Reading Room to include local businesses.  Councillor T. Evans had been elected Chairman of the Reading Room.

Brownhill Junction

Nothing to report.

8 (1) Llansadwrn Play Area

Councillor C. Eady reported that work was required on the See-saw.  The Clerk should have contacted Mr H. Gwynne to remove any algae, etc. from the play equipment.  The Play Area was due for inspection in April and the Clerk had contacted Carmarthenshire County Council but no reply received.

8 (iii) Web site

Lyndsey Maiden was unable to attend the meeting this evening but had emailed information/updates regarding the website, copies to be sent to everyone.  This would be discussed at the next meeting.

8 (2) Highway issues

The pot holes at Waun Clyn Da were an on going issues, the County Councillor agreed to make further enquiries.

Prioritising Footpaths

This to be discussed at the July meeting.  Mr Lyn Rowlands had received a copy of the Definitive Map and also the specially prepared Footpath Map in the Reading Room had now been found.

8 (a) Gardd Gymunedol Llansadwrn Community Garden

Nothing to report.

8 (d) Light for the Community Field

A quotation of £875.12 plus V.A.T. had been received from Carmarthenshire County Council, the community council would need to carry out a consultation with all properties in the area of the field.  This was discussed and agreed not to proceed.

Jubilee Celebrations

Councillor C. Eady reported the following:

The event would be from 12.00 until 5.00 p.m.  A donation of £150.00 had been promised from the Show Committee, this would be used to cover payment of sports medals, etc.  The Jubilee Badges had arrived.  Mr A. Hodge was preparing posters.  A bouncing castle had been booked with their own Public Liability, Cliff was opening the Sextons at 12.00, a treasure hunt was being organised.  Party bags, crown designing was being organised.  Everyone to bring their own food.  The Clerk gave the information regarding Insurance regulations, etc, to the organiser.  Tables and Chairs were available from the Pavilion.

Councillor C. Eady was thanked for all her work.

The Clerk to ask Colin Darman to cut the grass of the Community Field before the event.

Red Telephone Kiosk

This to be discussed at the July meeting.

5. Correspondence

(1) Celebrating Rural Wales

(2) Climate change newsletter

(3) Woodland creation

(4) Road Closure C2169

(5) CFFI complimentary Rally tickets

(6) Audit Wales – We need your views

(7) Local places for Nature

6. Reports

(a) Report from County Councillor

The County Councillor thanked everyone for the support and the welcome he had received from everyone in the area.

(b) Report from Cornwallis Liaison

Absent from the meeting.

7. Finance


Jubilee Badges – £77.19

Donation from the show to purchase items for the Jubilee – £150.00


Llanwrda Cricket Club – £50.00

Audit update

The audit would be signed at the next meeting, the bank statements had not arrived in time to prepare the audit.

A copy of a Clerks Contract of Employment to be sent to everyone.

(a) Signing quarterly income and expenditure reports/bank statements

These to be signed at the May meeting.

(b) Budgets – 2022/2023

These to be updated at the November meeting.

Bank Signature

The Clerk had already completed Mandate forms but no information had been received.  A further Mandate to be completed and sent to NatWest.

8. Any other business

(3) Community Field furniture

The possibility of placing furniture on the Community Field and using the furniture in the Pavilion, it was agreed to discuss it further at the next meeting.

(4) Co-option of three members

The Clerk to obtain co-option notices from Carmarthenshire County Council.

9. Date of next meeting

The next meeting to be held on Wednesday, 1st June, 2022.