July 2018 Community Council Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Llansadwrn Community Council held at the Reading Room Llansadwrn on Wednesday 4th July, 2018.

Chairman:​Counc. C. Powell
Councillors:​J. Couch, J.M. Davies, C. Hudson, L. Jones

Counc. C. Jones, Counc. J. Evans, Counc. H. Davies, County Counc. A. Davies

2.​Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising that were not included on the Agenda
Minutes were accepted as correct.

3.​Declaration of Interest
Counc. L. Jones – Llansadwrn Terrier Club

4.​Matters arising from the minutes:

4.2​Llansadwrn Reading Room
The Clerk had replied to the letter received from the Chairman of the Reading Room. The loft insulation was discussed the costs were discussed which would not be very high, enquiries to be made regarding grants. The Reading Room Constitution was mentioned by the Clerk who would do her utmost to bring a copy along to the next meeting.

8 (c)​Speed Restrictions
Nothing to report.

Brownhill Junction
As the owners of Brownhill were due back sometime during the summer months it was agreed that Counc. J. Couch approach them regarding purchasing part of the land at Brownhill, possibly only 0.1 acres would be required. The tree on the left hand side of the road could possibly be an issue.

8 (1)​Llansadwrn Play Area
Nothing to report.

Maintenace – war memorial
Two quotes had been received:
Gwalia Monumental – £2,523.70
Hywel Griffiths Brothers, Betws
Both were discussed and it was agreed to ask Hywel Griffiths Brothers to re-quote and omit painting the letters. Copies of their reply to be forwarded to everyone and if all agreed the Clerk was given permission for the work to be carried out.

It was discussed briefly to apply to Williams Brownhills Funding for a grant.

8 (iii)​Web Site
This was on going. It was agreed to place the minutes from April, 2018 forward on the web site. The Clerk to translate three sets of minutes.

Copies of support letters had been received from all the request organisations, the Clerk to complete the Awards for All application form. If we were to be unsuccessful again it had been agreed to purchase a defibrillator.

8 (2)​Highway Issues
This was on going.

Entrance to Community Field
No quotes had been received to date.

Counc. J. Couch asked if it was possible to organise a Community Garden on the Community Field, behind Maesporth. This would bring the Community together, it was discussed and he was asked to bring further information along to the next meeting.

The Clerk to make enquiries regarding a light for the Community Field.

8 (a)​Footpaths
Nothing further to report.

(a)​Carmarthenshire Community council – affordable homes questionnaire and venues for meetings.
(b)​Local Well-being Plan – workshop
(c)​Sample letter regarding changes to Health Board
(d)​IRPW – publication of payments to Community Councillors
(e)​Local Development Plan workshop – Civic Hall, Llandeilo – 30th July, 2018
(f)​Carmarthenshire Rural Affairs Task Group – meeting 7th September, 2018
(g)​Carmarthenshire County Council – Safe Routes in the Community Grant​

County Counc. A. Davies absent from the meeting.

7.​Payments and Donations

Clerks wages – £200.00
Clerks expenses – £59.36
HMRC – £50.00

Llandovery Hospital – £50.00 (outgoing Chairman Counc. L. Jones – Chairman’s Allowance)

(a)​Signing quarterly income and expenditure reports/bank statements
Quarter 1 to be signed at the September meeting.

(b)​Budgets – 2018/2019
These to be reviewed at the November meeting.

8.​Any other business

(b)​Llansadwrn Terrier Club
A letter had been received from Llansadwrn Terrier Club requesting the use of the Community Field.

This was discussed at length and it was agreed to permit them to hold 20 events on the Community Field over a period of 12 months. A list of the dates to be sent to the Clerk.

9.​Date of next meeting
The next meeting to be held on Wednesday 5th September, 2018.