Minutes April 2019

Llansadwrn – Ebrill 2019


Minutes of the meeting of Llansadwrn Community Council held at the Reading Room Llansadwrn on Wednesday 3rd April, 2019

Chairman: Counc. J. M. Evans
Councillors: L. Jones, C. Hudson, C. Powell, T. Evans, J. Couch, C. Jones

1. Apologies
County Counc. A. Davies, Counc. M. Davies

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising that were not included on the Agenda
Minutes accepted as correct.

3. Declaration of Interest

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

4.2 Llansadwrn Reading Room
Nothing to report. A letter had been received from the Rates Department of Carmarthenshire County Council stating that the Reading Room was exempt from payment for 2019/2020.

8 (c) Speed Restrictions
The petition had been sent to Carmarthenshire County Council but no comments received to date.

Brownhill Junction
A reply regarding a site meeting had been sent to the Community Council on behalf of Mrs Jenkins-Loeffel, suggesting a meeting in August, 2019. It was discussed and agreed that the Clerk reply stating what would be discussed at the meeting.

8 (1) Llansadwrn Play Area
Complaints had been received regarding the state of the footpath leading to the Play Area, the Clerk to contact Mr. N. Brown. The grass in the play area was in need of cutting.

8 (iii) Web Site
Nothing new to report.

Williams Brownhill CIO were meeting this week. A company had been in contact regarding a quote for a Defibrillator that could be placed in the Telephone Kiosk.

8 (2) Highway Issues
A reply had been received from Carmarthenshire County Council stating that unfortunately due to end of year commitments they did not have resources to carry out the jetting of the drains outside the Reading room. They apologized for the delay for this work as we are probably aware that their manpower is stretched at this time of the year.

5. Correspondence
(a) Gardd Cymunedol Llansadwrn – updated report. Six fencing contractors were invited to tender for the fence and gateway and First Class Fencing’s quote of £1,010.00 plus VAT had been accepted. The work had been delayed until April
During March a community consultation on the proposal for infrastructure – tool shed, shelter, water collection, composting, raised beds and hard paths were undertaken. A draft plan and comments book have been available in the Reading Room, also there is an option for comments on the Website. Lottery funding to be submitted after the April meeting. Preparations for the planting of various climbing and other plants by children and adults during the Easter school holidays has begun. This item would be included in the future on the Agenda.
(b) Carmarthenshire County Council – Local Toilets Strategy consultation
(c) Consultation – Public Audit (Wales) act 2013
(d) Thank you letter from Urdd Gobaith Cymru Blaenau Tywi for the financial donation

6. Reports

7. Payments
Clerks Wages – £272.00 (includes additional duties)
Clerks Expenses – £59.36
Llansadwrn Carnival – £600.00
HB Enoch & Owen (PAYE) – £48.00
HMRC April/May – £68.00

A letter had been received from the Llansadwrn Carnival Committee giving details of this years’ Big Lunch on Saturday 13th July, 2019. They were requesting a contribution of £600.00 towards the costs of this year’s event. This was discussed and agreed.

Capel Dewi application for a donation, an updated letter had been received stating that a breakdown of costs was impossible at this point in time until the work commenced and further details would be available. Labour would be the biggest cost. It was agreed not give a donation until a meeting with the Chapel was being held.

(a) Signing quarterly income and expenditure reports/bank statements
To be signed at the May meeting as no updated bank statements had been received.

(b) Budgets 2019/2020
These to be updated in November

Bank Signatures
These to be discussed at the next meeting

Annual Audit
Details of the Annual Audit had been received from Grant Thornton.
(a) Accounting Statements – bank reconciliations, variances
(b) Annual Governance Statement
1. Photograph showing the audit notice has been displayed in a conspicuous place and website address to confirm the notice has been posted
2. List of committees established by the body
3. Terms of reference for each committee
4. The body’s standing orders and financial regulations (or equivalent)
5. For all contracts awarded during 2018-2019, evidence that the body complied with its standing orders. e.g. copy of advertisement, reports to the body and minutes approving the award of the contract.

8. Any other business

(a) Article Carmarthen Journal
Copies of the article with the heading “A tangible sense of longing for the school that no longer exists” had been sent to every member. This followed a request from the Carmarthen Journal and Counc. J. Couch had kindly agreed to be the contact, and many interviews had been held with the local people. Everyone was thanked for their contribution.

(b) Road to the new development – Heddfryn
Concerns had been received by members of the Community Council regarding the extra traffic, due to the new development at Heddfryn, would be travelling along a lane past the Church/Chapel. Site meetings by members of the village had been held with Carmarthenshire County Council.

9. Date of next meeting
The next meeting to be held on Wednesday 1st May, 2019. The Annual General Meeting followed by the monthly meeting.