July 2021 Minutes


Minutes of the meeting of Llansadwrn Community Council held at the Reading Room, Llansadwrn on Wednesday 7th July, 2021.

Chairman: Councillor C. Powell
Councillors: L. Jones, Trish Evans, Christine Jones, Lyn Rowlands

1. Apologies
Councillor C. Eady, County Councillor A. Davies, Councillor C. Hudson (although he was considering resigning as a member of the Community Council)

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and the Annual General Meeting, and matters that were not included on the Agenda
Minutes were accepted as correct.

3. Declaration of Interest
Councillor L. Rowlands – Cornwallis, Llansadwrn Reading Room
Councillor T. Evans – Gardd Gymuned Llansadwrn, Llansadwrn Reading Room

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

4.2 Llansadwrn Reading Room
The Reading Room was now back to normality after all the issues with Covid-19, groups were back and events were being organised.

8 (c) Speed Restrictions
Nothing to report.

Brownhill Junction
Nothing to report.

Llansadwrn Play Area
The Clerk was asked to prepare a file for Councillor C. Eady which would include a copy of the inspection. Posters were being organised regarding dog fouling. A small amount of trashing work was required, Colin Darman to be asked to carry out the work.

8 (iii) Web Site
Nothing to report.

8 (ii) Highway Issues
The road that ends near Drefach, there were issues with holes in the road, the Clerk to contact our County Councillor.

8 (a) Gardd Gymunedol Llansadwrn Community Garden
Nothing to report. The Clerk had written to Llys Cennen (Solicitors) regarding an update regarding the lease

8 (d) Light for Community Field
No further information received to date.

Newly installed LED lights
A site meeting to be arranged in the Autumn.

8 (ii) NHS Day 5th July, 2021
The Reading Room have taken the event on board, Cliff was helping with the setting up. The event will be kept local and it would depend on the weather.

Community Field
The Community Field was discussed at length, it was explained that any event organised on the Community Field would need to be insured by the persons organising the event.

It was discussed and agreed to obtain prices for benches for the Community Field, these would be included in the Budget discussions at the September meeting.

5. Correspondence
(a) Local Places for Nature – Rachel Carter
(b) Emergency Road Closure – C2170
(c) CCC – Housing and Regeneration Masterplan
(d) CCC – Forum meeting – discussions on waste collection
(e) One Voice Wales bulletin
(f) Code of Conduct training
(g) Climate change newsletter
(h) Older People’s Commissioners letter
(i) Volunteering Community Action Fund

6. Reports

(a) Report from County Councillor
Absent from the meeting.

(b) Report from Cornwallis Liaison
A lengthy discussion followed regarding Cornwallis the land being used to assist with affordable housing, trying to get consultancy guidance, hoping to get more people on board in order to take the work forward.

7. Payments and Donations
Clerks wages (includes extra duties, broadband/phone – £36.00, postages) – £358.00
HMC – £68.00

(a) Signing quarterly income and expenditure reports/bank statements
Everyone had been given a copy of an updated financial report, these to be signed at the next meeting.

(b) Budgets – 2021/2022
These to be discussed at the September meeting.

IRP Forms
Community Councillors were able to claim £150.00 expenses annually, if they don’t wish to accept the expenses it is necessary for them to sign the appropriate forms. The Clerk had sent everyone a copy.

The main emphasis this year would the Clerks Contract of Employment – the Clerk did not have a Contract but sent a copy of the original minutes of the first meeting she attended as Clerk.
Proof that the Clerk was PAYE.

8. Any other business

Red Telephone kiosk
The Community Council had adopted the Red Kiosk many years ago, a community suggestion had been put forward that this was used for a purpose. The Clerk to prepare a questionnaire.

9. Date of next meeting
The next meeting to be held on Wednesday 1st September, 2021.

July 2021 Minutes