Sexton Arms Skittles Club

pub skittles

Traditional pub skittles club based on West Country style – the game that grew into the US style ’10 Pin Bowling’.

7.30 pm Mondays at the Sexton Arms Pub.

Set-up in 2017, the 33 foot long alley complete with return ball shute and safety screen is demountable to enable Landlord Cliff Cowell to use the function room for other events. Fund-raising by the original 23 members enabled purchase of the all-important balls which were not cheap, but necessary!.

For the technically minded they are made from the now unavailable Lignum Vitae and the 3 reconditioned bowls are sized to suit ladies as well as men. The 9 ‘pins’ are turned from Kidderminster oak in the Gloucester barrel style of 10″ high x 4.5″ wide at the centre tapering to 3″ top and bottom. The alley itself is 4′ wide and 30 feet long with ball launch area of 6′ and 4′ back stop area for fallen pin collection. It’s traditional hence imperial measures!.

Llandovery & Llandeilo Rotary Clubs have had a couple of challenge matches with the Clubs agreement and more guest teams can be accomodated.

There are 21 Club members but only about 6 are regulars, who meet and play for an hour or so at a cost of 50p per night – ‘fifty pence’! – Ooooh Yes.!

Come and join us – doesn’t matter if you’ve not played before. Go for a ‘flopper’ – that’s 9 pins with 1 ball. It’s great fun and you can’t miss – well not often anyway!

For more information contact Phil on 07788 816601 or email