Author: Gardd Sadwrn

New-Style Concessionary Travel Pass

Anyone over 60 who uses the local buses and trains need to ensure that they have a new-style travel pass by 31 Dec.

This is an online application, so to help those who don’t have access to a computer then if you bring along the relevant information to Saturday books at the village Reading Room then someone will be there to help over the next couple of months.

Just drop in, grab a cup of tea and maybe even find a book or dvd you fancy taking home. The perfect environment to tackle personal admin with support on hand!

PS The picture won’t upload – it says ‘the form you submitted has expired, please refresh the page and try again’

Gardd Gymunedol Llansadwrn Community Garden is OPEN for the BIG LUNCH!

Gardd Gymunedol Llansadwrn Community Garden

Gardd Gymunedol Llansadwrn Community Garden will be open on Saturday 13th July as part of the Big Lunch celebrations.

After everyone has had chance to enjoy the food and entertainment, there will be an opportunity to visit the Garden and hear about how we hope to put the planning into action, help with planting & watering or even prune the apple trees.

Everyone welcome…. still lots to do and no benches yet but on the Wish List!